If You Live For Sports & You Can't Resist a Punt... and You're Ready To Pit Your Skills Against The World... Then The Punter's 100 Club Was Built for You!

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From the Ultimate Sports Tipping Challenge!

Step 1.

Register a Free Punter's Club Account

In only takes a minute and you'll have instant access to all tipping, info and tools, plus real-time results and leaderboards once competition starts.

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Select Your Preferred Prize Pool

We've got three separate prize pools to cater for all budgets. If you're feeling confident you can submit multiple entries for even more chances to win.

Step 3.

Select & Submit Your Tips

To keep it simple, we've got player lists for every event. Plus every event has links to past results and current information, so you can easily study the form as much or as little as you want.

Get Your Tips In Now & You Can Sit Back & Enjoy A Year Of Great Sport & Friendly Competition With Your Mates!

The Punters Club, By The Numbers...

60 Sporting Events

To keep it interesting, we're tipping the best international sporting events of 2022

100 Tip Selections

To keep it simple, you'll select from pre-filled competitor lists for every event.

3 Comps In One

To keep it accessible, we've got three separate prize pools to cover all budgets!

100% Cash Payouts!

To keep it fair, 100% of entry fees are back out to the Members as real-money prizes!

Picking 100 Winners Is Tough Enough...

Picking winners from big fields of top international competitors is hard enough. So we've made it point-and-click easy for you to select and save your tips...

Every event has a complete list of competitors for you to choose from.

Plus you'll find links to additional info, past results, recent form analysis and current betting markets, where available.

Submitting Your Tips Is Just The Start Though!

The Punters Club is a sporting destination you'll come back and enjoy, all year round...

Live Updates & Results

Login to view real-time results & leaderboards any time, check your progress and compete with your mates... or join with them to improve your chances of winning.

Monthly Previews & Specials

We'll let you know what events are coming up each month, plus any special offers or giveaways. We'll also be looking for sponsors for free monthly prizes once we're up and running.

Punter's Club Mulligans

Your prize pool entry comes with ONE Mulligan you can use to change your pick on selected events, after the Entry Close Date. You can also earn extra Mulligans by sharing this website!

Private Leagues

Invite your friends, family or work colleagues to join your own private Tipping League. We'll set up a dedicated Leaderboard and your League's progress will update automatically.

Our goal here is to create a community you'll want to be a part of, all year long, every year.

So you can experience the thrill of being in the chase, right up to the end!

Eventually competing with 1000s of Members for some serious prize pools...

Right now we're just getting started, but I do hope you'll join us for a long and exciting ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If your question isn't answered here, please do contact us!

Who is behind this website & competition?

The Punter's 100 Club is registered in Queensland Australia and the competition is structured in accordance with Queensland state regulations. The website is the work of Matt Brading, based in Smithfield, Qld Australia. Both the website and the associated competitions operate under a state-registered business name and ASIC registered ABN: 61 175 152 279.

Is My Entry Fee Safe?

Hopefully you can see that we're here for the long-haul. We plan to develop and grow the Club into something quite substantial and in time we'll establish a proven track-record of paying-out exactly as promised. Until then, concerns are understandable, so we've been especially careful setting it all up...

We've ensured every aspect of the operation complies with all applicable rules and regulations. 100% of entries MUST be paid out in prizes, and we fully expect every single entrant to be checking our work to make sure that happens.

We'll publish detailed records of all entry fees paid in, and prizes paid out, in real time, in the Members Area. I've also set everything up using my own name and my personal contact details. I normally prefer to keep that info private, but I understand this needs to be totally transparent.

Most important of all, I'll be launching this by inviting my own friends to take part. So while you might not know me yet, there are plenty of people here who do!

100% Payouts? What's In It For You Then?

This is another fair question. By law, 100% of all Entry Fees must be paid out as prizes so we'll be using other strategies to cover our costs and hopefully make a small profit. I've been running various membership websites for over 20 years though, so I'm confident I can do that once we're established.

When you login to the Members Area you'll see some paid advertising and a few affiliate links here and there. Later on as our membership grows we'll likely attract some useful sponsorship as well. Whatever we do, we'll try to keep it low-key and unobtrusive.

How Do Winners Get Paid?

The number of divisions paid and percentage of the prize pool paid to each division is determined by the number of entries, as per our Prizes & Divisions Schedule. This is set once the competition launches, so you'll know in advance how many places will be paid, an how much will be shared among each of them.

We'll have a number of payout options available for anyone who wins a prize and we'll aim to get final results posted and everyone paid out in the first couple of weeks of January. A full accounting of all entry fees and prizes paid will be posted in the Members Area at that time.

Can I Enter More Than Once or Join With Friends

Yes and yes! There are three separate prize pools, and you can enter one or more of them as many times as you like. There's even an option to Duplicate Your Entry once you've compelted your tips, to save you some time if you want to enter multiple prize pools.

And given the broad range of sporting events we cover each year, it might make a lot of sense to team up with some mates with different interests, and take a few sports each! Though you might want to do a solo entry as well, for soem extra bragging rights...

When Do I Need To Have My Tips In?

Entries Close at midnight on the 31st December each year. This is our local-time (Australian EST), so plan to have it done a day or two before that to be safe. If your tips are incomplete, those you have done will be lodged. Those you've missed will be saved as 'No Selection'.

I've Missed The Entry-Close Date, Can I Try To Catch Up?

Unfortunately, no. Our Members have had to lodge all their choices well in advance for these events, and it wouldn't be fair for you to come in late, potentially with better information. Please opt-in to our newsletter below though, and we'll give you a heads-up as soon as we open for next year's competition.

How Will You Handle Late Changes? (i.e. Covid!)

When we were setting this up, we encountered a LOT of events that had been cancelled, postponed or restructured due to COVID. Unfortunately it looks like the disruptions could continue for sometime yet, so we've added a few additional items to our Competition Rules...

  • If any event is rescheduled to a date where the entire event falls within our competition year, all tips will stand.
  • If any part of it falls outside our competition year, it will be treated as cancelled and no points will be awarded.
  • If an event is restructured in a way that seriously impacts the make up of the field, we MAY allow everyone to update their selection on that event.
  • If individual competitors withdraw for any reason, that will be treated as a late withdrawal and original tips will stand.

Beyond that we reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary to keep the competition fair for all our Members. Hopefully it won't be necessary, but if it is, we ask for your patience and understanding.

How Do Mulligans Work?

For the non-golfers, a Mulligan is basically a do-over. In our competition, a Mulligan gives you the option to change your selection, prior to the start of selected events. Once used, those changes are final and cannot be reversed.

You'll get One Mulligan with every Prize Pool entry. You can also earn Mulligans by referring friends and colleagues to our website, and a limited number of Mulligans may be purchased throughout the competition year. Unused Mulligans will expire at the end of the current competition year.

Our goal here is to add to the interest and engagement of our competition, without detracting from the skills required to win. So by limiting the number available and events where they can be used, the Mulligans will be a valuable strategic tool!