Competition Rules

The following rules ensure our competition is fair, managable and sustainable.


Our goal is to keep this as simple as possible, but we do need to avoid confusion, keep things consistent and transparent, and protect all our Members from anyone who might try to rort the system.

Please read the following carefully so there are no surprises later on. If there's anything you are not 100% clear on, please check with us before you start.

All users of this website, Visitors and Members, must also comply with the standard website Terms & Conditions published here and this document assumes you have read and agreed to those as well.


Punters 100 Club ("the Club", "We") operates Tipping Contests ("Competitions") open to any person over the age of 18, anywhere in the world where it is legal for you to participate. We cannot help you determine the legality of this competition where you live, so the onus is on you to find out before you enter.

The Competitions are conducted online, on our website, ("the Site"), and all activities: registration, tipping, payments, payouts and support, are conducted through the website platform. Participants must register a Member account in order to take part.

Members must register with their Full Name and a valid Email Address. Additional address information will be requested before any winnings are paid out. The winner's Name, City and Country will be published in the Member's Area for other Members to view.

Each Competition runs for one calendar year and collects the Member's selections ("Your Tips") for 100 Questions ("the Questions") on selected Sporting Events ("the Events"). Each Question will be allocated a specific number of Points that are awared to any Member who Tips the correct result.

The Entry/Entries which score the highest number of points at the end of the Competition is/are deemed the winner(s). The number of winners in each Prize Pool is determined by the Prizes & Divisions Schedule.

A Member may purchase multiple Prize Pool Entries for the annual Competition. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure all Questions are answered and saved for each Prize Pool Entry purchased, BEFORE the Entry Close Date of December 31st.

Prize Pool Positions that have incomplete Entries at the Entry Close Date will be considered Submitted and any missing selections will be marked as 'losers' once the respective event concludes. The Member may use Mulligans to update those missing entries, subject to the standard Mulligan rules.

Results for individual events will be published within 7 days of the Event being decided and results confirmed. Member Point Scores and Prize Pool Leaderboards will be updated at the same time.

Competition Rules are set prior to the launch of each competition.

We reserve the right to modify the Rules if we believe it is absolutely necessary to ensure the fair and successful completion of the current competition.

Specifically: We are new and this is our first Competition.

If it turns out there's something major we've overlooked, or we realise there's a loophole people are attempting to exploit, or any other situation arises that might prevent a fair and successful conclusion, we reserve the right to correct the situation for everyone's benefit.

Admin shall be the sole arbitrator on what constitutes such an issue, and what might be the best remedy.

All designated Competition Dates are based on our Local Time (Queensland Australia) which is Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST. This will generally be AHEAD of most other international timezones, so you should plan ahead and don't leave anything until the last minute!

Our various deadlines are hard-coded into the system and CANNOT be over-ridden.

Competition Prize Pools

Each Competition will offer 3 distinct Prize Pools, effectively creating three distinct Tipping Competitions.

Each Tipping Competition will award prizes to a pre-determined number of Divisions. That number will be set based on the number of entrants. You can view the current Prizes & Divisions Schedule here.

Results are determined by Total Points scored on a single Prize Pool Entry, by the end of the Competition.

Anyone with the top score in a specific Prize Pool at the end of the Competition will win an equal share of Division 1 for that Prize Pool.

Anyone with the second best score wins an equal share of Division 2 for that Prize Pool...

And so on, for as many Divisions that have been determined by the number of entries in that Prize Pool.

If a Member is the only person to attain a winning score, they will receive 100% of the respective Division Pool.

In accordance with Queensland state law, 100% of all Entry Fees are paid out in prizes to each respective Prize Pool.

The progressive value of each Prize Pool will be published in the Members Area during the Pre-Competition phase, and the final value will be confirmed and fixed, once the Competition starts. Full results and detailed breakdowns will be published in the Member's Area at the end of the competition.

Sporting Events

If a Member correctly picks the winner of an Event Question, they'll be awarded the designated points for that Event. The available Points for each Question are displayed on the Event information page and will not be changed once the Competition is launched.

Members should not expect to be familiar with all the events, or even all the sports. This is a broad selection meant to challenge all participants and reward those prepared to do some research.

Event dates and details are correct to the best of our knowledge, at time of publishing, but things can and will change, especially while Covid is still around. We'll endeavour to make updates to reflect those changes as appropriate.

We take no responsibilty for any inaccuracies that may occur regarding any Event information, or any impact those inaccuracies might have on your selections or strategies.

Where a starting date has not been set for an event, we will specify the start date as the 1st day of the month when we EXPECT the event to be held. We may update that if we get more definite information.

If an event is cancelled or postponed to a date that means it will not be completed within the Competition Calendar Year, NO POINTS will be awarded for that Event.

Competitor Names & Selection Lists

The Site will provide a Starters List (a Drop Down Selection List) for every Event Question. These can cover individual players, teams, countries, results, scores and more. We'll make every effort to ensure these are complete and accurate at least 30 Days before Entries Close.

That means some Starter Lists will not be available when the Competition Doors first open. It is the responsibility of the Member to revisit those questions prior to the Entry Close Date, to ensure they have made ALL their selections.

We make no assertion that any Starters List is 100% complete or accurate. There may be competitors listed who won't take part. They may be competitors not listed who do paticipate.

When the exact make up of the field can't be known in advance, you'll have a list of likely competitors AND the option to choose ANY OTHER PLAYER/TEAM/RESULT.

If a named competitor then wins, only those who selected them by name will get the points.

If an unlisted competitor wins, only those who selected the ANY OTHER option will get the points.

If your selection cancels or withdraws from the event after the Entries Close Date, you might have the option of using a Mulligan to make a change. (Conditions apply, see below.) No other allowance will be made for withdrawals, cancellations or injuries etc.

Results, Ties & Disputes

Results will be posted and Member Points Tallies will be updated, usually within 7 days of an Event being decided. Please be patient as we will attempt to confirm via multiple sources to ensure there are no mistakes.

If you see an Event Result has not been posted after several days, by all means send us a link to a credible news source showing the outcome!

If you have any concerns about the accuracy of the results for any Event, please contact us as soon as possible. Please include specific details and ideally one or more links to credible sources to back your claim.

In the event we do get something wrong, we will reverse any Points awarded incorrectly and update the Results Ledger and Prize Pool Leaderboards. We reserve the right to make any necessary corrections UP UNTIL THE END OF THE COMPETITION.

In the unlikely event that we get multiple disputes on the same event, we will make a decision based on our interpretation of the information available from the official event website, plus at least one news source and at least one sports betting source... and our decision will be final.

In the event of a Tie:

1. If a Tie is presented as an option for a TWO-SIDED Event, ONLY those Members who pick a Tie will receive full Points. Anyone who picks EITHER of the Winners will NOT receive any Points.

2. If an Event with MORE THAN TWO competitors results in a Tie, anyone who picks EITHER of the Tied Winners will receive HALF the Event Points.


Every Prize Pool position comes with ONE Mulligan. This entitles a Member to make ONE change to their original Tipping Form after the Competition has started. Mulligans can only be used on specially selected events, as identified on the individual Events page.

Mulligans can only be used up until the Mulligan Close Date for those events. This will usually be about 7 Days Prior to the Event Starting Date. In some events with extended seasons, Mulligans may be allowed up until a certain milestone, such as the start of play-offs or the finals series.

Additional Mulligans can be Earned or Bought, but to ensure this remains a game of skill, you may only use up to Ten (10) mulligans in total, on any individual Prize Pool Entry.

Members can earn up Mulligans by referring people to this site (details follow). Mulligans can also be bought, with the proceeds of Mulligan sales being used to cover administration expenses. They WILL NOT be added to any prize pool.


It is the everyone's best interests to spread the word, grow our membership and increase the Prize Pools... but if you go the extra mile to get the word out, our Referral Program will reward you for your efforts.

You'll find a Personalised Referral Link on your Dashboard when you login. Anytime someone uses that link to join, you will be flagged as their Referrer. You should share that link with your friends and colleagues, post it to your social media sites etc.

You'll earn ONE Mulligan each time one of your Referrals purchases their FIRST Prize Pool Position. This ensures we are only rewarding people for bringing in ACTIVE Members.

All inactive Members will be deleted once the competition starts. This is for security reasons, but it also means their stats will be removed from your dashboard as well.

Competition Results & Payouts

We'll post the final December results during the first week of January, and post the final Leaderboard Updates at the same time. We'll allow 7 days for any queries or corrections TO THE DECEMBER RESULTS.

If you have any concerns over the December results, you must contact us within that time.

After those 7 days, all results will be deemed final, and we'll reach out to all Winners to confirm their payment preferences and make the relevant payments.

The final Competition Results will be posted no later than the 15th January 2022.

We have a number of Payout Options available in the Members Area. Any 3rd party processing fees will be deducted from the winner's payment, so we recommend you review your options before the competition concludes, so you can make the necessary preparations for one of the low- or zero-fee options.

We make no claims or assertions on the tax status of any winnings you might receive. It is your responsibility to determine your own tax and reporting obligations where you live.

A Few Final Thoughts...

We're here because we love our sport & we can't resist a punt. We want to test our skills and have some fun, with a bunch of like-minded people. If that sounds like you, I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

However... if you're the kind of person who always argues the toss, loses badly or can't resist bending the rules, please save us all some time and take a pass for now.

This is especially important during this first year while we fine-tune the format. There will be changes, there'll almost certainly be some bugs in the system, and it would be naive to think we won't make a few mistakes...

So if that's going to be a problem for you, take a pass and consider coming back next year.

The simple fact is, only a small portion of our Members will get a piece of the action each year. So for everyone else, it's all about the sports, the punt, the challenge and the community!

So keep it fun, friendly and relevant and we'll all be winners!