Rules Summary

Here's a summary of our Competition Rules for those in a hurry. Be sure to review the full version sometime too, just so there's no surprises or confusion...

All Members must comply with the standard website Terms & Conditions published here and our Competition Rules published here. By registering an account you are confirm you have read and agree to both documents.

  • Competition Rules are set prior to the launch of each competition.
  • They may only be changed by notifying all current participants...
  • If it's deemed necessary for a fair & successful conclusion to our Comp.

How The Competition, Tipping Contests & Prize Pools Work

Punters 100 Club ("the Club") operates an annual Tipping Competition (the Competition) open to any registered Member. The Competition runs for one calendar year and offers 3 separate Tipping Competitions, each with it's own Prize Pool.

To enter a Tipping Competition, a Member must purchase a Prize Pool entry and then complete their Tips, by saving selections for 100 Questions on the selected Sporting Events. A single set of Events is used for all Tipping Contests in a given year. Each Question is worth a pre-determined number of points if you can correctly predict the outcome.

At the end of the Competition, the Entry/Entries which score the highest number of points in each Prize Pool is/are deemed the winner(s). The number of winners paid out in each Prize Pool is determined by the current Prizes & Divisions Schedule.

Multiple Entries are allowed, up until the Entry Close Date/Competition Start.

Pre-Season Activities

The new Competition opens on the 1st October each year, and you have 3 months to purchase your Pool Positions, review the Sporting Events and save your Selections.

  • Entries Close Midnight 31st December, (Australia EST), No Exceptions.
  • All Events have a pre-filled Competitor/Outcomes list so exact matches are required.
  • Competitor lists are our best-effort attempt, but they're unlikely to be perfect.
  • It's your responsibility to consider unlisted competitors and likely withdrawals.
  • Where there's an ANY OTHER option, that is relative to the provided Competitor list.

Referrals & Mulligans

One important Pre-Season activity is to get the word out! We should all want to grow our membership and increase the Prize Pools... but if you go the extra mile to get the word out, we'll reward you for your efforts with Mulligans.

A Mulligan allows you to make ONE change to your original Tips AFTER entries have closed.

  • Mulligans can only be used on selected events.
  • Every Prize Pool position comes with ONE Mulligan.
  • You'll find a personalised Referral Link on your Member Dashboard.
  • Share that with any of your punter-friends and collegues.
  • You earn ONE Mulligan when your Referral purchases their first Prize Pool Entry.

Mulligans are limited to ensure they're used strategically. A maximum of 5 more can be bought for each Prize Pool Entry and no more than 10 can be used on any single Prize Pool Entry.

During The Competition

Most of your work will be completed before the Competition starts on Jan 1st. After that you can log into the Members Area any time to check results, monitor your progress and use your Mulligans as appropriate.

If an event is cancelled or postponed to a date that means it will not be FULLY COMPLETED within the Competition Calendar Year, NO POINTS will be awarded for that Event.

If your selection cancels or withdraws from an event after the Entries Close Date, you might have the option of using a Mulligan to make a change, subject to standard Mulligan Rules, but no other allowance will be made for withdrawals, cancellations or injuries etc.

Results, Ties & Disputes

  • Results will be published as soon as we confirm the outcome to our satisfaction.
  • Member Point Scores and Leaderboards will be updated at the same time.
  • Any disputed results should be lodged via the website contact form WITHIN 7 Days.
  • Include a link to at least one credible source that supports your claim.

In the event we do get something wrong, we will reverse any Points awarded incorrectly and update the Results Ledger and Prize Pool Leaderboards. We reserve the right to make any necessary corrections UP UNTIL THE END OF THE COMPETITION.

In the unlikely event that we get multiple disputes on the same event, we will make a decision based on our interpretation of the information available, from the official event website, at least one news source and at least one sports betting source... and our decision will be final.

In the event of a Tie:

1. If a Tie is presented as an option in the Tipping Form for a TWO-SIDED Event, ONLY those Members who pick a Tie will receive full Points. Anyone who picks EITHER of the Winners will NOT receive any Event Points.

2. If an Event with MORE THAN TWO competitors results in a Tie, anyone who picks EITHER of the Tied Winners will receive HALF the Event Points.

Prize Pools, Divisions, Payouts

In accordance with Queensland state law, 100% of all Entry Fees are paid out in prizes to each respective Prize Pool. Full results and detailed breakdowns will be published in the Member's Area at the end of the competition.

  • Prize are paid out by Divisions as per the Prizes & Divisions Schedule.
  • Each Division will be awarded a pre-determined share of the Prize Pool.
  • Each Division Share will be divided equally among those with the required points tally.
  • Winners will be confirmed early January and paid by the end of the month.
  • Any payment or transfer fees will be deducted from the winner's payout
  • All winners and prize payments will be published in the Member's Area.
  • It's your responsibility to determine your own tax and reporting obligations.

A Few Final Thoughts...

We're here because we love our sport & we can't resist a punt. We want to test our skills and have some fun, with a bunch of like-minded people. If that sounds like you, I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

However... if you're the kind of person who always argues the toss, loses badly or can't resist bending the rules, please save us all some time and take a pass for now.

This is especially important during this first year while we fine-tune the format. There will be changes, there'll almost certainly be some bugs in the system, and it would be naive to think we won't make a few mistakes...

So if that's going to be a problem for you, take a pass and consider coming back next year.

The simple fact is, only a small portion of our Members will get a piece of the action each year. So for everyone else, it's all about the sports, the punt, the challenge and the community!

So keep it fun, friendly and relevant and we'll all be winners!